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5 Ideas For Part Time Income

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We would all like to earn some extra money on the side. Whether it be as a student to get some pocket money or as a parent to make ends meet, While taking up a part-time job is a popular option, for those so inclined there is an option of taking things to their own hands for the sake of the entrepreneurial spirit. Here are 5 ideas for those who want to earn a part-time income.

Food truck

If you have a flair for cooking or have some family recipes that you would live to share having your own food truck can be your thing. You can easily get a food van for sale and be on your merry way. With some planning and some basic marketing, you can easily have a considerable income. Your personality and the wow factor of your food will be your selling point. Make sure that things look good and the service is excellent.


If you’re academically gifted you can use that to earn money on the side. There are many students who do this and it can be a very rewarding way to earn an income. There are children who need help with their school work and you can easily teach them at the comfort of their own homes so you won’t have to worry about the venue. However, since you will be responsible for another’s education make sure you do it seriously. Friends and family can be a great help to spread the word around.


If you have some extra money to spare investing can be a great way of building passive income. This can be anything from real estate to securities. However, apart from a considerable investment, you would need sound knowledge to do this as one wrong decision and spell disaster. There are financial institutions that can invest on your behalf and these can be useful.


With the dawn of the internet, there are more opportunities for freelancers than ever before. If you have a useful skill there is a sure way of turning that into money. The best part about freelancing is that you can work on your own terms as much or as little as you want. However, since experience and quality are your main form of assessment it is vital to building a considerable portfolio.


A pop-up store can be a great way to make an income if you have something people would want to buy. Whether it be handcrafted jewellery or your original recipe a pop-up store can be an enjoyable and lucrative business. Getting a great coffee trailer or setting up a tent s your shop and being a part of local community events can be easy and fun. Of course, do some marketing through friends and social media and you’re good to go.Money is all around us and all you got to do is to find a way to make it yours.

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