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Healthy Party Food Ideas

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All their life parents are very particular about what their kids eat especially when they are small. so it is no wonder that just about any parent doesn’t really encourage kids to dwell too much on sweets. However, kids are kids and sweets are just something that they crave and the one place that these are available in abundance is at parties. So if you are hosting such a party for kids, planning healthy snacks like what the parents would expect with a blend of sweet would not only put you in the good books of the parents but the kids too. Here are a few such healthy party snacks you need to know about.

Healthier cake

There is literally no party without cake, but that doesn’t necessarily mean that cake is healthy too. in fact it is probably one of the most unhealthiest snacks on a party menu. However, you can always revamp the recipe in a way where it is healthier. Include dried fruits like plums, high quality raw nut mix, substitute a portion of sugar with honey, and use cashew butter instead of the ordinary fat filled one. Since the plums or sultanas are filled with vitamin C and A using them would mean you are giving the body the nutrients it requires to improve its immunity and the cashew is rich in potassium, magnesium, iron and calcium thus boosting the protein content in the body.

Skip the candy

Candy or hard boiled sweets is another common thing that is handed out at parties. However, as much the kids do like these, they aren’t exactly the healthiest option. Instead you could look for bulk lollies Australia of gluten free lollies and other healthier snacks that you could hand out in the goody bag. Though these sweets don’t really sound sweet, they do taste the same regardless of the ingredients used. So even though they are sweets, the effects of ordinary sweets aren’t present in these. Thus making them way better than any other!

Switching chips with nuts

Chips is another common party food that simply overflows with preservatives, additives, fats and all other sorts of unhealthy ingredients. They are basically the face of junk food so matter how good they taste. On the good side though these are also foods that could be easily substituted if you are going for a healthy food themed party. So instead of the chips you could place assorted nuts. Since these are filled with proteins and other healthy nutrients they are way better than the chips. Nuts like pistachios are in fact kids’ favorites, thus making them even more of a perfect alternative!

Yogurt instead of ice cream

Another kids’ favorite is ice cream. But instead of that you could serve yogurt that is healthier. Since these are made using natural bacteria that is beneficial for the digestive system. And so, maintaining a healthy system means you stat fit and the process of nutrient extraction that occurs in the body flows in ease. Thus making you healthy inside out. To make the food more interesting you could add in some crushed almonds or honey or even try to make it frozen yogurt so that the kids would be more enthusiastic over it! Try the above tips and arrange one healthy table at any party you throw!

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